Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thanks to our restoration donors

As you have read here, our recovery team has been to Helena, MT where they have disassembled the aircraft and had it transported back to Bellingham. Work to reassemble her is complete, and she is back 'on her feet'. We can now begin the restoration process, and our priorities are as follows:
  • Getting the bird from Helena to Bellingham - complete
  • An authentic '50s era USAF Air Defense Command external paint job
  • Cleaning up the cockpits - one ejection seat is missing
  • Developing the Scorpion's national & local Cold War story and history
  • Possibly making the aircraft able to taxi - depending on budget & safety
It is important to recognize and thank our volunteers and donors, who are making this restoration possible. Our die-hard, diligent volunteer corps have worked tireless, dirty and long hours on this project (the kind of 'dirty job' that would impress even Mike Rowe), and are frequently found around our maintenance hangar and at our events. They continue to give of their time, their clean clothes and their good humor which makes us most grateful for their contributions.

The following individuals have offered that other kind of support, for which we are equally grateful, that can't be paid for with volunteer hours - the dollars required to complete the restoration:
  • Joe Clark
  • Barron Hilton
  • Bill Anders
  • Mark Kandianis
  • Bill Wooding - Lake Erie Trucking
  • Dave Johnson
  • Wayne Austin
  • Carl & Linda Peterson
  • Janet O'Toole
To all of our supporters, our sincerest thanks. Without you, preserving this country's military aviation history would not be possible. Thanks to your support, we are able to keep history alive for generations to come. We hope that you will continue to follow our progress here, and by visiting the aircraft at the Heritage Flight Museum at the Bellingham airport. [KS]