Thursday, October 15, 2009

So close....

So close...

Full of excitement, we started work this morning. For once, it wasn't snowing, raining, hailing, earthquaking.....

There was a tiny bit of wind, though....

But the sunrise was worth it.

We all jumped into our work. For Lyle

And Einar, it meant returning to the landing gear we
lls to remove the remaining wing attachment bolts.

It was miserable work with no room to wear gloves and Einar's hands showed it.


and Steve also tested the limits of their shoulders removing more wing bolts. If you had the Advil concession for the crew you would have made a killing....

But it was worth it when the left flap retracted with no problem.

So Einar


and Steve took turns pumping the jacks and just barely raising the Scorpion off the ground.

Then Hal attached the lift
points for the wings and fuselage.

While we waited for the crane to show up....

Pre-solo student pilot Lyle caught up on his reading.

While the rest of us caught up on some rest.

We were honored with a visit from local resident and former F-89 pilot Cliff Higgins, who had actually flown and stood alert in this aircraft. It was an emotional visit for the old warrior, exactly what we intend to accomplish with our restoration.

The crane arrived!!!!

The crane was attached, the Scorpion was barely lifted off her wheels....

both hydraulic systems held firm as the left main gear was retracted....

and so was the right one. For the first time in decades the F-89 was off her wheels.

Our celebrations were cut short by an alarm from the crane. A crane without enough lifting capacity had been dispatched and the Scorpion was too heavy for it.

Carefully, the F-89 was lowered back onto the jacks.

Where she sits tonight. Another crane is scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning at 0930. Follow the Heritage Flight Museum on Facebook for up to the minute posts on our progress!

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