Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Black Knights of Bellingham

On 19 July the Heritage Flight Museum was privileged to host a reunion of the 57th Fighter (Interceptor) Squadron.

Boy, were they in for a surprise....

Bill addressed these warriors, thanking his comrades in arms for their service to their country during a difficult time.

A toast was made to fallen comrades.

Old friendships were renewed and new ones were made.

Former F-89 pilot Lt. Col. Dick Rutan flew up in his newly painted Berkut.

General Anders asked his guests to turn to face the hangar door, and to the sound of the Star Spangled Banner...

the door was slowly raised to reveal an old friend.

Bill introduced JR and Hal, and thanked them for their efforts in the recovery and restoration.

A few of the recovery team members were there (Steve, Einar, JR, Hal, Bill, and Lyle took the photo.)

JR talked recovering the Scorpion in the harsh weather.

Cold Warriors reunited in the warm Bellingham sun.

Allegiant Airlines very graciously loaned the museum some boarding stairs for the reunion.

And these gents made full use of them.

For many it was the first time in a F-89 cockpit in over 40 years!

Museum volunteer Einar (2nd from left) grew up in Iceland when the 57th FIS was there!

Bill and Valerie Anders

Generations apart, fighter pilots forever.

Alan Anders explains to Bill that he's read the Dash-1 and is ready for his checkout.

Bill gives his official thumbs up of approval.


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  1. You know....that bird would look perfect in 57FIS colors (even if it isn't a 'D' model). Of course I'm a littl bit biased. My late Father-in-Law flew the 'D' out of Kef in '59-60' and I was FIS Missile Maintenance from '80-82'. One of my saddest days was when they stood down The Black Knights of Keflavik.