Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just like old times. At the crack of dawn we assembled at the F-89, ready to work.

First the fuselage was lifted from the trailer and the left stand removed.

Hal had a great idea: suspend each wing by adjustable lifts in the pitch and roll axis, and then match the wing to the fuselage's angle.

Hal carefully guided JR on the forklift while Lyle and Eric lined up the wing.

With this elegant and simple idea the left wing easily slid into place.

Where the team swarmed over it, reattaching the wing bolts.

Erika and Rich worked on the top of the wing...

JR and Steve worked on the bottom...

and Harley did a FOD check of the right wing, looking for any critters that may be hiding.

Exhausting work, those FOD checks...

The right wing did not quite go on as easily, but it did with a little applied persuasion as shown by Eric

and Lyle.

Wings attached, and the left main gear is down as Bill looks on approvingly.

Hit play to watch the right main gear lowered into position.

The crane is removed as the F-89 rests on it's wheels again.

And Bill took a quiet moment by himself.

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