Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wings on. Gear down and locked.

The weather gods chose clear skies over pitching rain today, much to the relief of HFM's maintenance crew whose duty it was to re-affix the F-89 wings to the fuselage. Everyone was on site by 7:15 this morning, along with a big forklift and an 85 ton crane!

The port-side wing popped right into place and took a mere half hour to secure. The starboard-side wing took a little longer, but it was all over by lunch time! Wings attached. Gear down and locked. Crane, straps, come-alongs, tools, guide ropes stowed and pizza ordered.

Next order of business is to put some lead weights in the nose - the radar and various other pieces of equipment have been removed for cleaning - to move the already aft-placed center of gravity a little further forward. Then it's on with the tow-bar and back into the maintenance hangar.

Photos and video to follow... [KS]

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